Falle: your outdoor specialist in Southern Austria

The Falle company is Austria's specialized retailer for the outdoors. We are the country's leading expert for fishing equipment and the largest camping equipment store in southern Austria. We specialize in the areas of camping, outdoor and leisure time activities: camping, caravaning, fishing, boats, scuba diving, biking, hiking, skiing, outdoors, sports and fashion. At headquarters in Villach we offer over 3000 square meters of exhibition space as well as a large fleet of mobile homes and caravans for sale and rent.

Falle is a family-run business with over 35 years of experience and a team of close to fifty. We are conveniently located in Austria's southernmost region, Carinthia (Kärnten), at the crossroads to Italy and Slovenia/Croatia.

Founded as a small camping store in the late 1970s by Martin Falle and his wife Jane, the company has grown immensely since. At the core of our operations are CEO Alex Falle with his parents and sister Tina Falle. Together with our excellent staff, we do our best to find the right products and services for you.

Falle Fischertreff, our branch in Klagenfurt at Lake Wörthersee,  is a fishing specialty store serving customers of Klagenfurt and the surrounding area.

In addition to our stores in Villach and Klagenfurt, we have two sister companies: Falle Campingwelt Outdoor und Freizeit GmbH in Gerasdorf near Vienna and Kempingvilag in Budapest.

Online Store

Come find us or check out our Online Stores for Camping, Boats, Outdoor, Sports, Fashion and Fishing.

While mainly store-based, we offer an ever-expanding range of products online for shipment within Austria, to Germany, Italy, Slovenia and some other EU countries. You may also choose a product online and pick it up in store. Please note, though, that we are only able to showcase a small selection of our products online. To see the full range, it’s best to visit us in person!

Tina, Alex, Jane and Martin Falle

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